CT Scanners

Our organization is involved in offering CT Scanner, which is a medical imaging method employing tomography created by computer processing. The CT scanning combines special x-ray equipment including advanced computers to produce multiple images or pictures of the inside of the body, which are then examined on a computer monitor or printed. These are known for providing accurate results, high performance and low maintenance.


with the assistance of our team of professionals, we are offering our clients with asteion s4, which is manufactured in strict compliance with the set industry standards. The system has 4-slice ct using 0. 5 mm detector technology along with excellent low contrast as well as high contrast resolution properties. Further, these are known for their accurate and fast scanning features.

Distinct features:

  • guided mode for best ergonomics
  • 0, 75 sec/rotation with helical pitch 8 for fast scanning
  • 4 x 0,5 mm slice thickness for ultra high resolution imaging
  • sure exposure, the unique dose-by-noise regulation control
  • 20 mm detector width for 53 mm per second volume coverage
  • tilted helical up to 30° tilted helical scanning with tcot reconstruction for ensured artefact free imaging in fov center and boundaries
  • 0. 5 mm isotropic voxel for unsurpassed 3d image quality
  • unsurpassed scan range of 1800 mm
  • sure start, contrast guided scanning
  • sure scan real time helical scanning with 12 frames/second
  • special designed 4. 0 mhu x-ray tube for increased patient throughput

Hitachi :


  • Gantry Aperture 70cm/67 cm
  • Ceramic Solid State Detector, 752 Channels/XE Detector 576 Channels
  • X-ray tube : 2000KHU with option of 3.5 MHU
  • Minimum scan time of 1 sec with 1 sec reconstruction
  • Central Control Console is based on Windows NT work station
  • 17" High Resolution Color Monitor
  • TFT Color LCD Display Monitor with Touch Panel for scan control
  • Spiral / Helical / Volume Software
  • 3D CT Angio Software with MIP & Voxel Transmission Method (Hitachi Unique) with color coding.
  • Real Time MPR and Curved MPR.
  • Cine Display ( Maximum 128 frames)


Specifications :

  • Single Slice Scanner
  • 3.5 MHU Ceramic X-Ray Tube.Solid state/ xenon detector.
  • 1.2.3,5,10mm Slice Thickness
  • 1,3,2,3,4,6 Sec. Scan Speed
  • 120 kv. 200mA kv / mA Settings
  • 420 mm Scan filed,% Ttll
  • Volumetric Scan mode,3D

Hitachi :


  • High sensitivity X-ray detector with 1,540 effective channels:
  • A large capacity X-ray lube for CT studies frees the patient from anxiety:
  • New generator design for long spinal scanning New Delta-Sigma pre-amp for data acquisition:
  • Comprehensive slice width choice:
  • PPC (post patient collimator): A wide choice of volume scanning with complete 1 second scan;
  • Single Volume Scan Multiple volume scan Tilt volume scan Multiple phase volume scan Zoom volume scan Overlap volume scan Skip volume scan Auto Voice functions: CT planning made easy:
  • Box tracking:
  • Accord (wo second scan cycle with easy breathing time control:
  • High speed BHC calculation;
  • PPC (collimator before detector), and algorithm for correction of X-ray scatter:
  • ADPP image compensation outside the FOV:
  • Thin slice summing for artifact reduction:
  • BGC algorithm for suppression of motion artifacts:
  • Comb hat ion filter:
  • Hitachi's unique application Voxel transmission 3D display MARP (Multi-Angle Recon. Plan):
  • Cerebro-angiographic plan Real time MPR:
  • Advanced cine-mode display; Other options: Protocols for superb operation and control:
  • High speed reconstruction:
  • Scheduling of CT studies:
  • Large capacity 2.2 GB disc:
  • Quick and simple planning of scans: Parallel processing with multiple CPUs:
  • Window saving:
  • World standard network DJCOM 3.0 (option): Gantry, safe and comfortable:
  • Table height lowers to 38 cms: Metal free couch top: