Hyperbaric Oxygen chambers


The treatment with hyperbaric oxygen is a non-invasive form of therapy. The patient peacefully breathes 100% oxygen while remains in a pressurized chamber at a pressure two or three times greater than normal atmospheric pressure.

It is the only therapy indicated in some cases and in many other cases it helps in treatment of illnesses and difficult clinical or surgical problems. In addition, it produces an revitalizing effect in all tissues.

The crux of hyperbaric oxygen treatment lies in the feasibility of the blood plasma (the fluid in which blood cells float) to allow the dilution of oxygen, increasing from ten to fifteen times the concentration of this element, which produces a four times greater increase of oxygen diffusion from the functional capillaries to the cells.

All this independently of the level of oxygen carried by hemoglobin in red blood cells remains the same, which is what usually happens when we breathe during the 24 hours a day

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